Construction Law

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Knowledgeable Handling Of Complex Construction Law Issues

A construction project may involve numerous contracts and documents, as well as many parties to get the job done. With all these facets to the project, challenges often arise. If you need assistance addressing a legal issue as it pertains to your construction project, we can help.

At Scott, Ray, Pemberton & Goll, PLLC, our lawyers and staff confidently represent developers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, property owners, and other parties involved in construction projects. We understand the complexities and nuances of construction law matters, having more than 40 years of experience advocating for our construction clients.

Types Of Construction Law Matters

We confidently handle many different types of construction law issues, including:

  • Construction contract drafting, review and negotiation
  • Contract disputes, including breach of contract
  • Construction defects
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Payment issues
  • Collections
  • Regulatory and legal compliance
  • Real estate issues, including land use and zoning
  • Contractor and subcontractor issues

When A Dispute Progresses Toward Litigation

Many construction disputes that arise cannot be solved through negotiation between the parties. And in many cases, you need an attorney involved very early in the process to ensure your rights are protected. Our lawyers assist our clients resolving disputes without the time and expense of litigation. But, when all efforts to avoid litigation have failed and you are facing court for your situation, you definitely want an experienced lawyer from our firm on your side. We are court-savvy, having argued numerous cases before a judge and jury. Our attorneys are aggressive in their pursuit of a resolution that suits your best interests and protects the integrity of your construction project.

Contact Our Firm To Learn More

To discuss the specifics of your construction project or pending construction litigation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Contact our firm online or call us at 972-525-5872 or 903-454-0044.