Real Estate Law

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Real Estate Counsel And Dispute Litigation

Real property – whether commercial or residential – usually represents a substantial investment for a business, a family, or an individual. We represent clients involved in the purchase, sale, management, use, and development of property as well as any disputes that might arise. At every step, we work toward assuring that our clients’ property rights are protected.

The complex practice area of real estate law deals with a variety of real estate issues including leasing disputes, purchase and sale disputes, non-disclosure, lease counseling, specific performance lawsuits, eviction or unlawful detainer lawsuits, title disputes, and mortgage and real estate fraud. It’s important to understand your legal rights as early as possible in these situations. In the courtroom, our experienced real estate lawyers will guide you through the litigation process.

Experienced Counsel

We represent property owners in many areas of real estate law, including:

  • Real estate contracts: Our attorneys can draft a contract that protects your rights and establishes your responsibilities in a sale, purchase, or lease transaction. We can also review your real estate documents and address any concerns you may have.
  • Transfer Documents: After entering into a contract for the sale or purchase of real property, our attorneys can prepare all necessary transfer documents such as the deed, lien, deed of trust, and promissory note.
  • Real estate litigation: When disputes arise concerning your property, our lawyers have the experience to provide you with aggressive, effective litigation. We also handle both nonjudicial and judicial foreclosures.
  • Title work: In every real estate transaction, it is important to establish the legal title of the property. Our real estate lawyer will work to identify and help resolve title problems. If necessary, we are qualified to handle your quiet title or trespass to try title litigation.
  • Environmental problems: Sometimes property will have environmental issues that should be dealt with before transfer of title. Are there storage tanks on the property? Is there hazardous waste on the property?

Dedicated To Your Interests

There are a number of people involved in any real estate transaction or dispute. Any one of those people can make mistakes which could cost you time and money and possibly even your property. It’s important that you have dedicated and meticulous counsel. In transactions especially, where an agent or buyer stands to make money from a successful sale, you need someone who is looking out for your concerns to review all documents and protect your rights. Many real estate disputes are a result of improper paperwork or execution. Avoid litigation with seasoned, objective representation.

Knowing your real estate rights can be confusing – unless you have an experienced real estate attorney who will explain your rights, tell you your options, and protect your interests. Call Scott, Ray, Pemberton & Goll, PLLC, at 972-525-5872 or 903-454-0044 for knowledgeable counsel and legal representation. You can also contact us online.